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Makeup Styles For Hazel Eyes

makeup styles for hazel eyes

    hazel eyes
  • Eye color is a polygenic phenotypic character and is determined by the amount and type of pigments in the eye's iris. Humans and other animals have many phenotypic variations in eye color, as blue, brown, gray, green and others. These variations constitute phenotypic traits.Morris, PJ.

  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance

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  • The composition or constitution of something

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makeup styles for hazel eyes - 20" Me

20" Me And Molly P. Left Handed, Thumbsucking, Nursery Baby Doll-Light Honey(Reddish) Hair/Hazel Eyes

20" Me And Molly P. Left Handed, Thumbsucking, Nursery Baby Doll-Light Honey(Reddish) Hair/Hazel Eyes

20020 Molly P. Originals has got a special delivery just for you! Introducing Me and Molly P. 20'' Nursery Doll Collection baby doll with thumb sucking feature (non-mechanical). Baby's thumb fits in mouth to imitate baby's favorite past time. New mothers will bring baby home in a newborn sack and cap to keep baby warm just as in real life. Newborn diaper also included. Features: -Baby doll. -Me and Molly P. 20'' Nursery Collection. -Includes matching cap to keep baby's head warm. -Light reddish honey hair and hazel eyes. -20'' Soft body vinyl looks and feels like a real baby. -Thumb fits in baby's mouth to imitate sucking. -Newborn sack snaps in front. -Elastic bottom. -Newborn diaper also included. -Blanket available in pink or blue to let friends know whether your baby is a boy or girl. -Blanket sold separately.

78% (9)

BNTM Cycle 1 - Judging: 1ST THEME (Standing Out)

BNTM Cycle 1 - Judging: 1ST THEME (Standing Out)

Hello ladies. Welcome to your first judging. The theme you completed was “Stand Out.” I’ll start by judging each of your photos. But before that, I need to say that there is a surprise for you. You girls are still in the casting process. 18 girls are a little too much. Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, but 6 girls are going to be eliminated tonight. I hope you did your best on this theme because it really counts.
Alright so let’s start the judging.

*NOTE: I don’t mean to sound harsh but I really do want to help you improve on your photos by saying what needs to be fixed*


The color splash is a good idea but you’re making the wrong things stand out. When I first look at this photo, my eyes are drawn to the red in her shirt. If you were making an advertisement for selling clothes then it would work, but your goal was to make the model stand out, and she blends right in. Also the pose is very amateur.

It’s a good idea but the background you chose was too plain. You played it too safe when this was a challenge that was perfect for taking risks. The challenge was to have an overwhelming set. You should also try to edit some more (like editing out the joints and adding makeup) and you could’ve done something else with the pose and hair to make her look more modelesque.

I don’t think you understood what I was trying to explain in the rules. I wanted to see how creative you could be by making the theme unique. Instead, you made it almost exactly like the example photo. The pose looks a little bit awkward (as if she’s trying to jump) and if you’re going to edit out the joints, it looks very weird to edit out some and leave some unedited. I like how you made everything but Elisa black and white/ glowing, but it’s very sloppy. You should’ve taken more time to make the effect hug her body.

I like this shot. When I first looked at it, my eyes went straight to Sasha. She looks so fierce! But like I said to Elisa, it looks odd if you edit out some of her joints but not all. I like how the light-skinned models are aligned in a way that leads the eye straight to Sasha and also how you took a risk by making her stand out from other models which she truly does. I really commend you on how you didn’t use any effects to help her stand out. It takes a true model and photographer to get that.

I love how fashion forward this looks! This is a great shot and Hazel pops in the photo! She stands out very well and she looks very high fashion. I love how clean your effect is.

This shot is boring because she looks dead. Her pose isn’t exciting, but that can be acceptable if you edit in some makeup and make her eyes squint. But you drowned her in the effect with the background models so the only thing that keeps her standing out is how sharp the effect on her face is. The effect makes the overall photo blurry.

She stands out great! I love how each of your options are different so you give a vast variety to choose from. I am in love with the facial wrap! It is so creative and the makeup works with it. Her pose is great as well.

I love this! This shot is amazing! I love how you made her blend in as a flower but you still made her stand out so well! I love the color choices and the makeup is beautiful. Sticking to one color palette is a really great strategy. Everything about this shot is great! It’s one of my favorites on Flickr!

She stands out very well! I just wish that you did something more with the other models. What makes a great shot is everything working together. Here, the girls in the background are dressed appropriately for your interpretation, but they are just standing there. If you’re going to do a shot with other models, you still want them to interact to make the shot, as a whole, more interesting, but still not upstaging Lauren. For example, you could’ve spread out the extra models’ arms to look like they were belly dancing. That aside, I love your take on the theme and I love how different it is. Her outfit is gorgeous and her makeup is beautiful! It is very clear and you styled this photo perfectly!

I love how you took this theme and made it high fashion! The styling, makeup, and hair look flawless! Although it looks high fashion, it isn’t as hectic as it could have been. You were supposed to make her stand out from a hectic background and there isn’t anything too crazy about the background other than the toy animals which make the shot look cheesy. I also would like to see you try and edit out the joints because you are already great with styling, and editing out the joints is the next step to getting better photos.

This photo doesn’t work. The styling is horrendous and she looks trashy. The pose and makeup look awkward and the effect isn’t great because the background isn’t very visible.

This photo is very unexciting. You could’ve done so much more with the male models. The pose is weak and Layla is boring. Th

Today's haul

Today's haul

I was depressed, didn't get the job I was going for (least so I assume as they said they'd call last Friday and it's now Wednesday). So I went out and got dollies.

TK Maxx had the second wave Livs for a tenner, how could I resist? Only Sophies though, dang. Still, she's pretty. But I was hoping i'd be able to find another character. The second wave dolls are the only ones i've never seen on sale here in the Uk, they're ALWAYS full price, if you see them in stores at all.

Tesco had very few MH dolls, but they're on sale! So uk peeps, pop into tesco and check it out!
I almost grabbed Gloom Beach Clawdeen for ?7:97 but I then noticed the Barbie Sisters.. or rather, the PRICE TAG for the Barbie sisters. There were two of each set shoved behind some boring Barbie and Tanner set (The one where it eats its own poop... wth? Gross)
They were like ?14 each which I figured was a decent price so I grabbed one of each. I LOVE Skipper, and I never can resist Barbie's sisters. Stacie is adorable with her freckles and hazel eyes and "Chelsea" (KELLY DAMNIT!) is just well.. a Kelly doll. Barbie shall be stripped and put immediately onto the "resell" pile. I really only need ONE playline Barbie and i'm afraid Barbie Loves the Aliens is the one who got to stay (she was a gift from my hubby)
I really am not a huge fan of the recent Barbie head mould. I dunno, I just find it really... bland. They have SO MANY face moulds they could use, why can't they change it up a little? I'm bored of this face, every single Barbie in the play line has this same face. All the fashionistas (Except Sporty who's the only one I kept. All the rest donated their bodies to my My Scenes hah), all the I Can Be dolls.. *sigh* Come on Mattel.. couldn't you have at least made her... pretty? She's so... I dunno... plain I suppose. My mother described her as "chavy" which I think is pretty hilarious. Poor Barbie.

But yeah... more variation in our playline Barbies please Mattel?

And for the love of all things holy, BURN that damned AA face mould you keep using. It's HIDEOUS. I know you can make gorgeous ethnic girls, I have several and they're stunning, the SIS girls are beautiful so WHY do you keep using that Artsy head mould? The psycho grin.. the flattened face... it's just so... eugh. Something about her is just so unattractive to my eye and it bugs me. I usually love ethnic dolls but Artsy and the AA I can be line? Ew.
Swapping styles could have been the perfect opportunity to change it up a little with the head moulds. Give us some variation especially with Artsy who, let's face it, kinda gets the short end of the stick being the only one with that skin tone. Couldn't you have given us alternate heads with other faces? Not just the same face with different hair and makeup?

But yeah.. rant over I suppose.

Skipper is so cute, but really does look like the adopted child here. I think she's gonna go hang with my late 80s Sindys, because she looks more like them than she does Barbie. My Camping fun Skipper can take her place.
I love these oufits, all of them. Stacie's little cardie is adorable.
But does anyone else find it odd that Skipper is the only one of Barbie's sisters to have never had a name change? Stacie's meant to be Tutti supposedly, or fill that slot (I wish they'd release a modern Todd. I miss Todd) and Kelly/Shelly/Chelsea are totally the same character right? Krissy seems to have been quietly dispatched (Which is a shame, they could have aged her up like they did with Midge and Allan's kids) and Skipper is the only one to remain well.. Skipper.
I'm happy to see her sporting dark hair though.

makeup styles for hazel eyes

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