Buy milani cosmetics : Mineral makeup brush sets.

Buy Milani Cosmetics

buy milani cosmetics

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Late March 2011

Late March 2011

I was feeling a hankerin' for some frankenin', so I went to CVS and picked up two of the Milani 3D Holographic polishes since I heard they were being discontinued. I bought HD (silver) and Hi-Res (purple), but as soon as I got home, I modded the Hi-Res by adding some black creme to it. Other stops for polish were at Hot Topic (2 unnamed polishes, including another multi-colored glitter to add to the collection), Ulta for the Zoya Caitlin and OPI Black Shatter (finally), and Target for the Nicole by OPI in Sea How Far You Go and I'm a Pool for Love.

Stocked up on my usual American Cream at Lush, but I also grabbed a Gorilla perfume sampler. At Bath and Body Works, I keep fueling my C.O. Bigelow obsession by getting two new lip shines (Strawberries and Cream and Golden Peach) and a Apple Rose Salve, along with 3 more mini candles and my free shower gel.

It's been a while since I went to the Cosmetics Company Store, but while I was there, I got a MAC pigment in Full-Force Violet and a Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Guava.

Milani Tip Toe Pink 46 + Impala Disco Ball

Milani Tip Toe Pink 46 + Impala Disco Ball

Duas camadas do Milani Tip Toe Pink 46 (o esmalte da Natalie da novela Insensato Coracao)
"batidinhas" com o Impala Disco Ball


buy milani cosmetics

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