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How To Make Up With A Friend After A Fight

how to make up with a friend after a fight

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how to make up with a friend after a fight - Kirby Super

Kirby Super Star Ultra

Kirby Super Star Ultra

Kirby overload! The pink puffball returns with a massive adventure...times 12! Make it a dozen! With so many games—a total of 12 once you unlock everything—there'll never be a dull moment as you run, float, copy enemies, and use Helpers to fight the likes of King Dedede and Meta Knight. New modes like The Revenge of the King and Meta Knight Ultra await, along with classics like The Great Cave Offensive and Milky Way Wishes. The original modes found in the beloved Super NES game, Kirby Super Star, are all here, with updated graphics and fully rendered movie scenes. Not only that, but you can adventure with a friend via local wireless! On top of the 12 main modes, there are also three new touch-screen-controlled minigames that you can play with up to three friends via DS Download Play—Kirby Card Swipe, Kirby on the Draw, and Snack Tracks.

76% (19)

Bringing Up Baby - The Continuum Concept!

Bringing Up Baby - The Continuum Concept!

This is one of the newly arrived Black-capped Capuchin Monkey species at Royal Melbourne Zoo. (RMZ)
There is at least one new baby, possibly two – and the monkey clan are certainly fascinated by the new members – some of the aunts and uncles seem to be fighting each other to get to hold the baby – and Mum is very aggressive in defending her own.
A recent BBC TV series screened on Australian TV about bringing up human baby has had much attention and controversy due to exploring 3 different parenting philosophies, including one called the Continuum Concept, where the baby is always held or in physical contact with its parents or extended family for at least 6 months – it sure looks like these monkeys have modelled this method long before the South American indigenous tribes, after whom the method has been based.
It’s amazing how the baby monkeys can hang-on to mother, even as mother is jumping or climbing the highest branches!
These monkeys are often used in TV and movies, such as “Pirates Of the Caribbean “ films as they look like the generic "monkey" that most people think of.
These monkeys have been quite active during my visits in the past few weeks, and it’s been a real highlight for me, and plenty of other visitors -
I have had a long wait to get some decent photos of the new residents - firstly the have been very popular, and attracting lots of human interest, making it hard to get a clear shot, and secondly, these guys are often in constant motion, playing with each other, climbing and jumping, and thoroughly exploring their new space.
Thirdly, the viewing glass has been badly smeared with lots of human handprints - ruining a number of otherwise perfectly focused and sharp photos!
Black-Capped Capuchins have a large tuft of black fur crowning their heads, which explains their name!

Black-Capped Capuchins have very long arms and legs as compared to their body, which measures about 18 inches. The prehensile tail is also about 18 inches long. The Black-Capped Capuchin has human-like hands with an opposable thumb. The molar teeth are thickly coated in enamel to help the Capuchin crack nuts without cracking its teeth!
Native to the rainforest, the Black-Capped Capuchin has the largest range of all New World Monkeys. The below information is from RMZ’s own web site:
In the wild, this species also lives in groups with similar numbers of males and females, rather than forming a pair like the White-cheeked Gibbons or a polygamous grouping like the Lion-tailed Macaques.

In their native South America, Black-capped Capuchins are found in primary and secondary rainforest through to semi-deciduous lowland areas.
They have a varied diet, including many kinds of fruit, nuts, seeds, pith, and nectar, plus animal prey including insects, chicks, frogs, reptiles, bats, and even small mammals weighing up to 900g.
Black-capped Capuchins are acknowledged as being one of the primate species that uses tools. For example, they use rocks to help them crack open the nuts that feature in their diets.

Royal Melbourne Zoo, Parkville, Victoria, Australia

[70/365] SXSW Pillow Fight

[70/365] SXSW Pillow Fight

Walking along 6th Street in Austin, TX provides something different every night. Most of the time it was just a lot of people (well, hipsters and hippies) but on the night of the 11th March something special was going on. Admittedly just 2 blocks down the road, the iPad 2 was still selling well after being on sale for only 4 hours, but on the corner of 6th and San Jacinto there was a pillow fight. To this day, I still don't know who instigated it (the original fighters didn't have branded t-shirts, just underwear) but there were a lock of duck feathers and not a lot of clothes. There was also a large male audience documenting proceedings on their camera phones.

Essentially, there were girls having a pillow fight. All fairly harmless until you realised how much mess had been created in the street. A wandering policeman then appeared and asked them to clean it up. Whilst radioing whoever it is they radio to detail it, they legged it. Now faced with a problem, the policeman turned on the one remaining girl (who couldn't quite believe her friends had run off) and told her to clean it up. After a bit of an argument, two random people ran in, picked up the pillows and continued fighting whilst everyone watched on. Original lady then tried to make good with her legs like her friends and ran off but the policeman chased her and bought her back. Now there were 3 people, they were forced to pick the feathers up off the street (not one you'd like to touch) whilst he watched.

I've seen some strange things in my time, but this has to be one of the better ones...


Today was a fantastic day - it was my first full day in Austin, first time at SXSW, and I was meeting up with some friends I'd only spoken to online up until this point. To top it off, there was a girl pillow fight, I bought an iPad 2 (on the day of release), and I got a pedicab ride to a private Gowalla party which I crashed with 2 friends. Despite all of that, this is my favourite photo of the day - whilst it would usually be the iPad 2, Apple lauches happen fairly regularly. I don't think I'll ever see a girl laughing at a stern-looking policeman whilst picking up feathers from his feet ever again in my lifetime.

how to make up with a friend after a fight

how to make up with a friend after a fight

Pokemon Colosseum

Pokemon Colosseum - If you've conquered the Pokemon Stadium games, then the next step up is winning in the massive Colosseums! In this game, you'll be challenged to retrain and convert the infamous "Dark Pokemon". These are Pokemon that were mistreated during training. Open their hearts through kindness & training, then battle them against champion trainers in the Colosseums! Work with Dark Pokemon to develop a strong relationship with them -- open its heart so that it'll fight for you in the Colosseum!

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